Thank you all so much for your support over the first three years! I really enjoy what I do and have never thought to charge for my advice... Over the last couple years many people have told me that I have helped them win their leagues and they wanted to know if there is anything they can give me to thank me for the time I put into everything. I always said "Just tell a friend and spread the word about the site". At that point they usually say they would rather give me something than give a way "their source." 

So if you would like to help support what I do, whether it be $1 or $10, feel free to use the PayPal link above. I do want you to know that any donation made will be used towards improving my ability to get you information. For example... my laptop could really use a new battery because it has to be plugged in to even work at all. 

Whether you are able to donate or not, I will still be here for all of you in 2014! Once again, thank you for all of your support!

First off, I would like to say thank you for stopping by and visiting my site, TagsFantasyFootball.com! Whenever I am reading someone’s article it is always nice to know a little bit about that person and why they do whatever it is they do. My name is Michael Tagliere and I happen to have a little addiction. That addiction is fantasy football and the need to know how to be the best at it. I have said for a long time that the goal in fantasy football is to be #1, otherwise what’s the point? With that being said, there is some luck involved when it comes to injuries, but those who prepare the most end up winning. So back to my story….

It was back in 2009 when my friends and I were gathering for our annual fantasy draft (which should almost always be held in person), and I had a friend that called and said he couldn’t make it due to work. There was no way that I was able to let him know everyone that was being drafted over the phone, so I needed to find a replacement owner. In a pinch, I asked my wife if she wanted to fill his spot and try out fantasy football. She is always a good sport when it comes to joining in on things I like, and I figured that I could get her to watch football on Sunday’s with me and not ever be asked to do something when football was on. She had no idea what she was doing, but I handed her a cheat sheet that I had created, and said to follow that list and that running backs are the most important. If you remember anything about the year 2009 in fantasy, it was all about Chris Johnson. I had him ranked as a top 10 RB while most had him around the 14-18 range. Can you guess what happened? Yeah, she stole Chris Johnson from me among a whole bunch of others and won the league that year with me coaching her, although my friends said that I ran that team and won it, not her. Either way, it told me that I had done the research and it had paid off (well, kind of).

Ever since that year she had told me I put so much into it that I should create a website. I did what all of us do and say “Oh yeah, I wish…” So as the next year went by, even my friends were asking me why I didn’t do something with all of the research I put into it. I am not kidding about the research I did before this site… I would literally write a paragraph on every single fantasy relevant player before drafts so that I could back up my reasoning as to why I would draft certain players over others. In 2011 I did what I usually do, write all of my paragraphs on rainy days and just flat out enjoy doing it. My wife says to me “If you had a website, what would you call it?” I responded Tagsfantasyfootball.com and continued with my rankings. Five minutes later she is handing me her laptop and says “I bought you the domain, now get your website set up!” Since that moment, I have dedicated a lot of time to it, and really do enjoy doing it.

I started out by just putting my rankings up (after my draft because I did not want my league mates to see them) and adjusting them as the weeks went by. I came across an opportunity with Fantasypros.com to become one of their ranking experts and go against guys like Matthew Berry, Brad Evans, and John Paulson. I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see how I stacked up against the biggest names in fantasy football. I did not start with them until week 4, so I was unable to take place in the accuracy competition over the entire year. I did however rank with them throughout every week after week 4 and got inside the top 10 a few times! It was at that point I knew that I belonged in the group with these guys. I don’t like to use the term “experts” because we aren’t, and all we do is spend way too much time researching things in order to make informed decisions rather than emotional ones like most do. So when the season ended, me being a stat geek, I went through the accuracy scores from week 4 on to see how I stacked up against the best in the business. Of 70 experts, I would have finished in the top 25 for RB’s, top 30 for WR’s, and #1 in QB ranking! I was really happy about the last one, but was down on the fact I wasn’t near the top in the other rankings. Like I said, the goal is always #1 in fantasy football. I was back with Fantasypros.com in 2012 and finished as the #1 RB expert, #2 WR expert, and the #6 expert overall which cemented me in their website accuracy challenge for 2013. I was able to follow up my #6 finish from 2012 with my first top 5 finish! FantasyPros even sent me out a trophy for finishing in the top 5. If you follow me on Twitter @TagsFantasyFB, I post the accuracy rankings on there each week.

I am one of the most normal guys that you will ever know, and will help out those who would like a little insight from time to time. I started out by writing my rankings on rainy days just for the joy of it, and that turned into this website that I checked every single day to see how many hits I had. I was truly amazed that people were coming to me for advice, and still am today. After the first year the site had generated around 5,000 hits and I had to find a way to become better. Only way to do that is doing even more research and being the absolute best out there. During the second year running the site, we had that number all the way up to 27,000 hits. In 2013, the site was generating nearly 2,500 hits a week and ended up right around 37,000 views for the season. This year we are hoping to reach the 50,000 milestone so that we can continue to build and improve the site. I thank all of you for taking the time to read my website. I will not stop trying to help everyone I can, because that is exactly why I do this. I don’t get paid, and it is really like a second job in season… I would not do this if I didn’t enjoy it, and hey, maybe someday somebody will want to pay me to do this, but until then I am right here for you!

Once again, thank you for stopping by and checking out my website, Tagsfantasyfootball.com!

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